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Your Prescription

Your Prescription

For eyeglasses and sunglasses to be effective in helping anyone see better, they should both come with corresponding prescription lenses. The same applies to contact lenses. Many eyewear shops are offering a wide selection of eyeglasses in various styles and colors, but not all of these pieces will necessarily help patients improve their sight. A lot of these shops also don’t have in-house eye care specialists and optometrists, so you will have to have your vision checked, get your prescription filled, choose the right frames, and have the right lenses fitted from other shops, which will end up becoming too costly.

Fortunately, at the Optical Warehouse of Greenpoint, clients can conveniently undergo an eye exam and receive treatment or get corrective lenses anytime. Our aim has always been to help our clients see and feel better, on top of making them look better with high quality eyewear.


Professional Eye Exams

The doctors of Optical Warehouse of Greenpoint perform eye exams in Brooklyn for patients of all ages. During your eye exam, we will determine if a change in your eyeglass prescription is needed, check the eye pressure and evaluate the overall health of your eyes. Your eye doctor in Brooklyn may recommend dilation of your pupils to fully visualize the back of the eye. In most cases, patients are capable of driving but will not be able to read for a few hours. During exam we can detect if there any problems or any eye conditions. We will prescribe appropriate prescription to take care of your problem (if any).

If you have a prescription already, we will gladly fill it. You have a few options:

a. Contact us via phone to arrange your appointment.

b. Schedule an appointment on our site (click here).

c. Come in during our business hours (we love new clients).

As your chosen optometrist in Greenpoint and Brooklyn, NY, we go to great lengths in making sure that you get the eye care you need. If you have yet to obtain a prescription, your purchase of a pair of frames from us begins with our doctors performing an eye exam and giving you a prescription for your glasses. This enables us to make sure you get the products that best improve your vision, and further the value and satisfaction you get from the eyewear you purchase.

Our selection includes stylish and highly durable designer frames from the leading manufacturers in the industry, as well as different style contact lenses

Apart from developing your prescription, our eye care services also include the treatment of eye infections, allergies, and glaucoma, as well as the detection of cataracts and other eye diseases. So whether you need a new pair of glasses, are looking to acquire safe and effective contact lenses, or have problems with your vision that you believe may result in using eyewear, we invite you to visit our store today.

For more information on our eyewear and eye care services, you can reach the Optical Warehouse of Greenpoint at 718-349-8313.

Need a new pair of Eyeglasses?

You can choose your frames and have your lenses made right here in our optical laboratory.