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Welcome to Optical Warehouse of Greenpoint

At our store you can:

  • Fill prescriptions
  • Receive medical and theraupetic eye treatments
  • Get proper eyewear and contact lenses recommendations
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Designer Frames

Our Optical Warehouse features the latest Designer Frames & Sunglasses. Over 20 brand names are available

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ZacVert Eyewear

Exclusively from Optical Warehouse of Greenpoint. We use best 1.6 HI-INDEX lenses with anti-glare coating

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Order Contact Lenses

You can order contact lenses from us. We carry brands like Acuvue, Air Optics, Biofinity, Biomedics and more.

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Offers and Discounts

There is always a way to save money with Optical Warehouse of Greenpoint. Check our latest offers and discounts

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Need a new pair of Eyeglasses?

You can choose your frames and have your lenses made right here in our optical laboratory.

Optical Warehouse of Greenpoint: Providing the Gift of Sight

Welcome to Optical Warehouse of Greenpoint! You have found the optical store in Greenpoint and Brooklyn, NY that has everything you need to help you see clearly and be stylish at the same time. From our treatment of eye infections to our huge selection of designer eyewear, we can meet all of your optical needs.

Have your eye exam done right on our premises by a certified eye doctor. You can choose your frames and have your lenses made right here in our optical laboratory. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will help in your selection of frames and provide adjustments on your prescription lenses for a perfect and comfortable fit.

What makes us the best optical store in Greenpoint?

Best Doctors

Our eye doctors are some of the most skilled optometrists available. Each one is fully licensed, insured, and certified. Maintaining good eye health is crucial to protecting your sense of sight. Optical Warehouse provides comprehensive eye and contact lenses exams to check for diseases and other problems related to your eyes.

We ensure that all of your eye issues are diagnosed and treated, and that you receive the right prescription for each eye. Our doctors are certified and trained to provide medical and therapeutic eye treatments for various types of eye problems.

Best product choice and quality

We take pride in selling the highest quality glasses and lenses. We have one of the largest selections of frames by top designers. We will gladly assist you in finding the perfect eyewear that matches your style and budget.

With over 20 designer brands available in various styles and colors, we are confident that you will be very happy with our optical solutions.

Complete Services

Optical Warehouse of Greenpoint is committed to providing our customers with high-quality services and products. We offer you and your family the latest designer eyewear, lenses, and contact lenses. We are licensed, insured, and certified! We offer comprehensive eye and contact lenses exams. We also specialize in treating eye infection, allergies, glaucoma and cataracts detection and many more...

All eyeglasses are made in our laboratory, located on premises, for fast and efficient quality service. Come visit Optical Warehouse of Greenpoint soon and see the finest designer eyewear in New York City!

Frequently Asked Questions

What different types of lenses are available?
  • Polarized lenses: These lenses are used in sunglasses to reduce glares from reflective surfaces.
  • Progressive lenses: These lenses are smooth and seamless with a progression of lens powers for vision at any distance.
  • Photochromic lenses: These are lenses that darken when they are exposed to sunlight or UV rays.
  • Varilux lenses: These lenses provide a better range of vision than progressive lenses.
  • Digital lenses: This is a high quality lens that minimizes distortion.
  • Toric lenses: These are lenses help to correct astigmatism.
  • Hard or soft contact lenses: Soft lenses are healthier because they allow air and oxygen to pass through them to your eyes.

Upon visit we will recommend the best lens that will fit your eyes and your lifestyle.

How long will it take for my glasses to be made?
This depends on your prescription and the kind of lenses you will be getting. It can take from between two days to one week.
Do you take walk-in appointments?
We accept walk-ins.  But we recommend to schedule an appointment in advance.
How can I prepare for an eye exam and what can I expect during the exam?
When you contact us to schedule an appointment let us know about any vision problems you are having. Your eye exam will be performed by a licensed Optometrist NYC. Before the exam your medical and vision history will be taken. Your eye exam may take from half an hour to an hour. You will be evaluated to determine the vision and the health of your eyes. The evaluation can also help to detect other health issues. Your pupils will be dilated for the exam. Be sure to bring sunglasses with you for your trip home.
What is the difference between being nearsighted versus being farsighted?
Nearsightedness means that you can see things better when they are up close rather than at a distance. Farsightedness means that you can see things better at a distance than up close. However, you may have trouble seeing things at both a distance and up close.
What types of prescription glasses do you have available?
We have prescription sunglasses, prescription sports glasses, and prescription swimming goggles.
What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept cash and all major credit cards.
How can a glare on my glasses be prevented?
Anti-glare coatings are available. They prevent or reduce the effect of glares when you are under certain lighting conditions.

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